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For those of you that have multiple editions of various visual studio programs on your system, be very careful as to how you take them off and/or install them back on.

We had a old legal copys of .net 1.0 visual studio academic and visual studio 2003 academic and visual studio express 2005 and 2008 on my dad's system. Well i was cleaning off the old versions so that only had the express version 2008 remained. So i pulled off vs 7.0 (.net 1.0?) and then noticed that the platform sdk was old too, so i tried to pull it off. It gave me a error after deleting most of the platform sdk and then tried to roll back. Then I removed 2005 express. well then i started noticing my applications would not work when clicked on. Finally it cascaded to the point where nothing on the system worked anymore cept a few basic functions like copy/paste and view folders. I had messed it up big time. My haphazard removals of stuff had broken all the various VS installs. So be sure to make sure you remove those VS babies correctly or poof apparently. I even tried a system restore to fix things and it worked but it still had the problem of nothing working right. So finally, i gave up and had to reformat the drive and reinstall windows. I guess i messed up the registry or something. SO moral of this story is: be very careful messing with the various Microsoft Visual Studio editions. Uninstall them correctly or you might be sorry.
(above link talks about side by side installs and i apparently ignored the order they mention.)

Edit: removed the bit about activation. No problems there.


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Thanks for the tip!!! Personally, when I installed Visual Studios .NET i didn't uninstall the Express ones. I figured they would be tied together somehow.


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I tried to uninstall VC++ Express alone like any other program, and now its kinda stuck on my computer.

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