Where's CCN? (Christian Coders Network)

On December 14th, 2007 CCN was hit with a series of DOS attacks that shut down the providers server. The provider cancelled hosting the site and CCN was left without a home. Krylar (Founder of CCN) passed the keys onto Mack (Previously Admin on CCN) to lead the site further. Mack opened CDN on December 15th, 2007 for veterans of CCN and also new developers looking for a home. The CCN archives were build from backups of the old site and are in a read-only format for referencing and reminiscing.

What's CDN? (Christian Developers Network)

Christian Developers Network is a place on the net where Christian coders, digital artists, designers and musicians can meet! Either it be an in-depth design discussion, showcasing a new art or music piece, talking about your latest application or just hanging out CDN is the place for developers of various digital trades!

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