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Dark GDK and VS C++ Express 2008 – ssquared



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Hey, this is kind of cool. If you didn't know, the new Visual Studio 2008 was released today along with their respective Express editions. Visual Studio C++ Express 2008 comes with an extra download for the Dark GDK. It's absolutely free! Check this out:

Pretty neat. One caveat. It says "royalty-free license (for personal use)". I've been trying to find out the license if you decide to put out a game, even if it's not commercial. Say, like for the CCN Speedgame contest. I can't find any information on this. I wonder if you need to upgrade to the commercial version.

GDK.NET is also in the works.



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Here's a link if you want to buy DarkGDK so you can sell games:


I think I might have slightly misunderstood your original post when I first replied, but from what I gather you don't need to buy a license unless you plan on selling your game.

Eric Pankoke

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