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Raytrace engine update – Mack



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Intel rolled out a new raytracing engine at the Games Convention Developer Conference (GCDC). Daniel Pohl aka "Elchtest", who developed raytracing engine mods for Quake 3 and Quake 4 in the past, presented the brand new yet to be named engine. The most impressing about the presentation was the performance of the new engine, which was able to produce up to 127 frames per second on a PC with two Quad-Core-CPUs.



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Very interesting and appropriate in light of what happened at work today. I thought my computer was hung, so I went to one of our QA guys and he said, "Well this has ray tracing turned on. It takes a loooong time to calculate." Turns out, though, it WAS hung on my computer, because of some other issue, but when I got it working, it was slow.