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What are people using for the gui base in thier C++ games.

I'm looking and wanting something cross platform as I mostly develop in linux and then tweak it in windows.

Been looking at Guichan, FLTK, and Paragui. Is there something else I should be lookiing at.




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I just write my own if it's just a basic GUI, in either DirectX or OpenGL, with it loading up a tokenized file (script). Haven't really needed more then just buttons and text (a lot of things can then just be 'faked' from those basic gui objects).

CEGUI is meant to be good, and I've worked on projects which used it and they have some decent GUIs.

I'm actually just about to throw a GUI system into my DirectX 3D engine within the next week or two (static text, hyper-linked text (can click the text), buttons), using my old DirectX gui code, but updating it a lot (with hyper-linked text).

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Quite many games seem to use CE ( I didnt like it much when it was in early stages of development but that was very long time ago. Anyway, all I know is paragui.

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