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I've stated I am not a game developer, but some recent work has me moving into graphics development. I recently started a new job (almost 2 months) and I've been porting our old Borland C++ code to Visual Studio 2005 C++ with MFC.

This last week I converted an application to read and display TIFF images. I have ALWAYS tried to stray away from anything having to do with device contexts, device independent bitmaps, screen coordinates...I just never understood them nor had any interest in learning it. Well, I'm happy to say I got the application up and running and had to implement all that device context stuff, DIBs, BitBlt, and figured out double buffering. Needless to say, it's been a TERRIFIC learning experience for me and finally makes sense to me.

This week I may be getting to one of our graphic libraries which uses OpenGL. So I guess I will be delving a bit into OpenGL too. I may be asking some questions on here as I work through issues. Although I'm not sure at what point I will actually be taking advantage of the OpenGL code. Porting the library and actually USING it are two very different things. I'm not even sure where in the product OpenGL is used. Apparently, we have some dialog allowing you to fly through a city.

But anyway, I've been really happy and excited about the work I've been doing and for once, I'm actually excited to get an opportunity to learn OpenGL and graphics. God has been great! Working on that TIFF application, I had moments where I was completely stumped, but I'd pray and the answer would suddenly come to me. I definitely feel God's blessing of wisdom. Amen!



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That's awesome. It's good that you can see God's blessing, we may easily not see it when we sort of trust our current abilities.

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