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Torque Constructor for FREE ?!! – riflefire


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Hey Folks,

Just saw that Torque Constructor from is gonna be released april 9th for FREE! Thats really amazing and very special.

Its mainly for the TGE and TGEA engines apparently.

Hey Matt Langley, is it possible to use Constructor for/with TGB too?

Btw, I hope this isnt a april fools joke by GarageGames! IF it is, then the joke is on me and a lot of other people.

Anyway, if its for real, here is a link to the page for it:


And speaking of TGEA 1.0, I have a legal copy of it and I am looking for some C++ coder that owns a copy of it, or is willing to buy their own copy, and would like to help me and CobraA1 to make a board/battle game hybrid in it. So if you would like to help us out, please email me at




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Cool, I'll take it for a spin when it comes out .

BTW, if anybody has experience with TGEA and would like to help us out, that would be great. An artist would also be nice.

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Originally posted by riflefire:
Hey Matt Langley, is it possible to use Constructor for/with TGB too?

In short, "not really, no." Constructor is used to create models that are in DIF (the Torque equivalent to BSP) -- it's only needed for creating large 3d buildings and whatnot. Torque Game Builder uses flat rendered graphics and DTS (animated 3d models), but it has no need to use DIF (static 3d buildings) because it's a 2d engine.


Matt Langley

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Clint is completely correct. The only benefit of creating a .dif is 3D collision efficiency and we don't use 3D collisions in TGB. Now since Constructor is nearly released that creates an added benefit of .dif being created in a very well developed tool (in my opinion, I love Constructor), so who knows, we may end up support .dif in TGB. In the end if you have TGE and TGB you could port over the rendering code yourself. It would probably require moderate C++ skills but if you don't have moderate C++ skills you could always stumble around and give it a shot (one of the best ways to learn) (In the end the .dts rendering in TGB is a port of TGE's)

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