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I need help. I had a serious ego crash this week where i realized how big of an ego i had. Not fun; i hate egos, and i hate being ignorant about my problems. So among all of this i realized that i don't know nearly as much as i thought i did. It's very depressing . So i want to change that, can you guys help me? I want to build up a todo list of everything that the best in the business would know. I don't really have a role model as far as programming and game development goes (i'll comment on this a bit later). When i was in college, i was very close to the top of my class, mostly because i actually cared about and used what i was learning, but that only built up a false ego that will most likely hit me when i go to finish my B.Sc. So getting back to the point of this; I want to have a todo list to use as goal to work towards. I want to make a list of algorithms, technologies and other topics to master, and i'll probably end up posting this on my website.
Any ideas as to what i should have on this list? Here's a few examples just to get the idea. Anything related to computing or game development.
-Quadtrees, octree, binary, etc. spatial partitioners
-Quaternions/Matrix operations (dot, cross, etc)
-2D convex polygon collisions
-Huffman, Limpel-Zive, etc/ compression algorithms
-blowfish, AEC, etc. cryptography algorithms
-Shell, Quick, Radix, Insertion, etc algorithms
-3D math, physics

Just to knick the surface. It's a sort of long term project but i think i have enough determination for 5 people; even if i can't be a professional game developer, i want to be the best that i can possibly be to serve God. I've realized that for most of my life I've very selfish in my thirst for knowledge but i need to change my motives to do it for the Lord's work.
Solomon prayed for wisdom before he became the king, but he asked for it so that he could lead God's people. He didn't ask for it so that he could have power to keep to himself.
Anyways, i said before i'd explain the role model thing. On one of my coops in college, my boss was a very experienced programmer and was strict about how i designed my programs. It was a great experience to learn all of those techniques and best practices from him; he made sure i didn't get lazy with my code and take easy routes. I really miss that.
So yeah, any help in building my list would be appreciated, especially if they include free resources

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I just found it's best not to try and do things which your not interested in, and muck around/play with the things you are interesting in.

Like your list is different to what I'd be interested in. Sure you could learn everything you thought might help you, but then again, you could know the things you love to do in greater depth...

I don't see anything about graphics programming in your list, this is something which interests me, but not soo much other people. Another thing, game play/game systems coding. And it's worse when people start to learn things to imitate others. Every programmer has their own interests and their own path to where they are at now. Also to where they will be. It's the variance which makes a good team.

I think a master list of everything you *should*/*think you have to know* isn't really a good idea, more just, things you'd like to get around to doing just the sake of doing it as it interests you. Games Development especially is about the love of the game and doing something you love to do, it's definitely not about the money, hehe. It'd be better to just have a goal...

like right now, I'm working on a really small/'old school' project which has alluded me for just over 5 years now.

and I'm not saying not to learn, this industry is all about learning, more that you should concentrate on the areas you like, there'll be (or at least there should be) plenty of time in a job to be taught what you need to learn for your given tasks.

Don't mean to sound harsh, or bash your post, just that out of that list, what really interests you, and even more so, what of that list would you want to be doing in a job situation or in your spare time? If you want a master list of things to do, check out or game tutorials articles/tutorials and learn them all...

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If you're going to boast, boast in the Lord. You've been convicted by the Holy Spirit to change your ways and you're doing it! It's a rare thing! But give all the credit to Him and boast about what He has done.

You have asked God for wisdom, and He will not refuse you. But read His Word. Don't compile a list of earthly goals so that you are justified in having an ego.

People sometimes think that "having an ego" means that they brag about things they don't have. This is not egotistical behavior, it is fraudulant behavior. (I should know, I've done both.) Having an ego means that a person exalts themselves above others and above God, whether their claims are true or not. God in His mercy says that if a man must boast, to boast in the things of God.

The Word says: Trust in God and lean not on your own understanding. A man plans his ways, but God guides His steps.

If you make a list of earthly things to accomplish, you have no foundation. It will be a house built on sand and the wind will blow and all will be lost. But if you have been convicted by the Spirit to change, then go to His words first--read the Word and study it and get it in your heart. Then, with prayer, the earthly course of action for you to take will become easily apparent.



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that's good advice.

proverbs 17:28
Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.

proverbs 25:7
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@dartsman: i have a massive range of interests. stuff like the crypto, search and compression algorithms do interest me and stuff like that is useful to know but horrible when you realize you need it and don't know it. As for the graphics and game engine stuff, i didn't mean to leave it out so i'll add that to the list as well; thanks. I must say though, the things that interest me the greatest DO lie within game dev.

@jetspice: Those are very wise words. you ARE right with that, i have to keep myself in check so that i'm not just making sure i can live up to my boasting. I need to make sure my foundation is solid with Christ before i can even think about learning other things.
As for my definition of ego; well i think i talk big but maybe my skills don't quite reach that high. I actually don't know how good my skill set actually is but i shouldn't ever boast to try to act like i'm some big-shot.
That last part in your post is amazing:

But if you have been convicted by the Spirit to change, then go to His words first--read the Word and study it and get it in your heart. Then, with prayer, the earthly course of action for you to take will become easily apparent.

Wise words i think. Thank you for this reminder.

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