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found this wonderful bit...

It gets you RIGHT INTO coding....none of this mamby-pamby-ing around with shell scripting when all you want is to start making files and code.

And it's no where near as laborious as trying to go through a boa constructor tutorial.

p.s. this is for those who have tried to pick python up a few times and have an idea of the beginning basics but are sick and tired of having to go through each and every step all over again each time you pick it back up.

p.s.#2. you'll need for at least the event handling bit.

Instead of

filemenu.Append(wx.ID_Exit, "E&xit", "Terminate Program")

wx.EVT_MENU(self, ID_EXIT, self.OnExit)

you'll need to use

ID_EXIT = filemenu.Append(-1, "E&xit", "terminate app")
self.Bind(wx.EVT_MENU, self.OnExit, ID_EXIT)

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Python and pygame make a great framework for throwing together some puzzle or card games.

Although arcadish it starts to have issues on slower machines.

Wonderful language = if you start using it get familar with interactive mode there is nothing like being at a command prompt and having access to your code and functions when you have that unexplained crash.



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i don't get exactly what that is. is it just a basic python tutorial, or is it more based on the wxPython GUI?

that post was really cool ^
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It's based on wxPython, and it looks like it includes installation instructions. I've already had a couple of IDEs and a couple of text editors I use (atm mainly Bluefish). I skipped past the installation parts and got right into the code.

There's times for book learning, times for step by step learning, and times where you just need to get in and do something. This is step-by-step but it give me a complete program to see the progression, rather than "Ah here is a name", "now store a variable", "now call a variable", "now you put all three of those together and give me XYZ short program"....

It also bypasses the "hidden" or automatic stuff that gets thrown in when you use a GUI. The things like sizers and parameters. The Boa tutorials covered some of those from the GUI side but it wasn't even getting close to the basic theory for me to understand what it was trying to do....never mind trying to do the same thing with the interactive shell. This way I can write an ongoing script, open a terminal and run it and so far any "compile" or "run" errors I would have gotten in an IDE show up in the bash terminal.

*Note: I'm using Ubuntu w/ all the python related packages installed*