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a christian morpg in the works!!! – gdmacd


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(This is copied from the official website.)

Have u ever wanted to explore a new world?
How about defeat evil?
Perhaps u just play rpg`s to lvl your character up to the maximum level?
Now u can do that and more in "Spirit Seek",an rpg made for those who like to play online games and grow spiritually.

Fite against the hordes of darkness.
Choose out of 4 classes.
Create up to 3 characters to use.
Level up your character or characters to the max level(500).
Chat to other online users.
Trade with other online users.
Do a ton of quests.
Purchase tons of items including helmets,weapons,shield,armors and more.
Find all the Spirit items.
Use hundred of weapons and armors such as the soul blade,power shield,blessed helm,holy bow,etc...
Find rare Spirit collector cards(Cards scattered throughtout Spirit Seek,find em all and get yourself the rarest of all Spirit Seek items.)
Learn bible verses.
Enjoy helpful hints for daily spiritual growth.
And so much more in the world of Spirit Seek!!

(First of all,just to let u know.morpg stands for multiplayer online role playing game which is what im making.Its for christians who enjoy playing morpg`s and growing spiritually.Its only just begun but i have a website and a forum for it.I work on the game in my spare time.Heres the links.)

The forum!

The website!



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Hey gdmacd! Welcome to CCN!

Wow -- I'm actually very impressed by what you've done! I'll admit that when I first read your post I thought "oh boy, here's another mmorpg with a prayer-substitutes-for-magic gameplay mechanism", but you've put a different twist on it that I haven't seen before, and I'm really impressed. I particularly like this part from your site:

(I just wanted to let some of u know this:In the real world,if u are someone who uses your bible in just about every situation,in the land of Spirit Seek,u would be considered a warrior using real Spirit Seek weapons such as the power sword or blessed mace.I hope this clears up some confusion.)

And further on down:

Warrior= Someone who uses thier Bible in every situation.

Archer= Someone who sings praises to God.

Mage= Someone who prays about everything and anything.

Ninja= Someone who memorizes Bible verses and uses them when needed.

I think that's a really good distinction -- to clearly state that the various methods of attack are analogies to different things that we do in real life. Well done! I don't think I've ever seen it laid out quite this clearly in an RPG mechanism -- I'm very impressed.

Out of curiosity, are you talking about the tools that you're using to develop the game? From your descriptions on the development forum (such as being able to switch between single and multiplayer mode), it sounds almost like you're using the Graal Online engine, but after digging around it looks like you're using an engine I hadn't heard of before called Revolution RPG. I didn't see much information on their website, so I did't find out much about it. Is it free? Open-source? All in all, looks like a fun game! Thanks so much for making us aware, and I hope to see more updates in the future!

Again, welcome to CCN -- we're very glad to have you here!




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sounds awesome!! just wish my stupid filter didn't block

#include <spazz.h>
int name()
char name['B','u','d','d','B','o''y']
MMMM... I love pi!!



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I really like this game idea. As not only will the character be lvling up, but also the person playing the game.

Great work!!

Can't wait to see the project getting developed and released!

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