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Any assembly programmers?

If so, whats your take on life in general and those who love BASIC, VB, C/C++, Java, or the like?



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yeah assembly is one of my loves
but these days, because working on windows machines, i only write inner loops of intensive calculations in assembler (but i gotta be careful , because my optomised assembler code has been known to overheat computers, especially overclocked computers

i love OOP languages etc, (each different language has my pet loves and hates)
In the olden day, 99% of the time, the processer was inside YOUR code, only on occasion was it in APIS, basically bios interupts,
but skip forward to today, programming is mostly calling APIS which call even lower apis, drivers, os calls etc, so out of the code executing for your program, maybe not even 1/4 of it is your code, and for the execution time, even less (for example say in a 3d game), the majority of execution time is spend inside directX api and the drivers it calls) so alot of the advantages of assembly are moot, apart from certian circumstances where they are very useful (like software graphics, audio/visual processing , video codecs, network code).
i for one aren't going to write something in assembler language that is fast as, that has to wait for a slow dog Microsoft API to trundle along every loop.

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I like OOP alot. still a noob with them,but I like them.

assembly is something that would rock to code in, but I'm usually dancing with the higher level stuff.

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I used to code in assembler back in the 80s and early 90s. Although I think it's VERY interesting and cool for purely hobbyist purposes, I don't see much practical use for it any more. As a C/C++ programmer, I find that when I need/want low-level programming, C/C++ can go low-level enough 99.9% of the time.




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At least when it comes to game development experience with writing in assembly is useful when coding fragment and vertex programs since it makes it easier to conceptualize. Otherwise there isn't much use for it.


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In highschool I spent some time using assembler with my TI-86 Calculator. I wrote a few short programs and then pushed it aside. Then in college we learned Basic Assembler Language for a mainframe computer. Though I liked the challenge, I am not sure how much I will use assembler in the future.