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Cobra, this is for you bro. I grabbed GM and am interested in learning more about using it (what it can do technically - and can't, as well as some tips and tricks). I know there are some resources at the GM website, but is there anything more than that available? I really hope there is and that you might be able to supply this thread with those tidbits of useful info

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There's some links on the GameMaker site itself, leading to other links pages as well as forums. I've played around with GameMaker itself, so I know a bit about it.

It can do 2D stuff, with gif-like transparency.

It's object-oriented; you place objects on maps. The objects have events assigned to them (collision, keyboard press, etc), and the user uses a visual interface to program the response to the event.

There's also a pretty good scripting language that can be used to do more advanced stuff.



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I just tried it out myself and I'm very impressed! I just knocked up a Lunar Lander clone in about half an hour. I reckon you could make some pretty need 2d games with this, a really good multiplayer RPG might even be possible.

I had a look at the scrolling shootemup tutorial and found it quite helpful though it did miss a couple of important points, which can be gleaned from the sample program supplied.


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Try The Action Script Libraries:

Just Put The Lib Files To The lib Folder.