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for my church i am goin to be setting up a chat program on teh web..
however i want some opinions, which is the best.. i want something that isn't so tedious as most web browser interface ones.. and simple to use , and reliable
there are many java ones, and combos of php/js etc
anybody had anyexperience with any?

my server can do server side things, and one tht i could record that chats could be cool... my host can do asp/php/perl and have access and mssql server databases...

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Usually what I do when I want a decent chat and want access to it via the web is:

1. register with
2. register a channel there and make myself the OP
3. Get JPilot (Excellent web based IRC Client) It is pretty cheap and easy to configure.

IMHO this gives you complete control over the chat, since as an OP you can ban, restrict, etc. With using an IRC channel you can let people connect through the IRC Client of their choice or connect via the web using the JPilot on your site.

I used to use it exclusively and NEVER had any trouble



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I'd watch out for IRC. You always get those lame retards busting into Christian channels trying to tick people off (I remember, I was one of them). I'd stay away from IRC or have some kind of identifier that lets people in and bans others. Some kind of restricted chat type thing. I think there's some that you can have one main channel and then private message other people. That's better because you most likely won't get those basher types coming in and starting trouble.

Just my 2 cents worth.