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it seems many christian games i see in development use this engine
i have speced it out and like it, of course i could make a better one, but not with out a lot of time and budget...
and i think that is is very well made and flexible and expandible..
if we make a game i would probably choose to use it. just because limited budget, time and resources..

i'd like feedback on it from people who use it..
so far i've heard of the following 'christian' games that use it. though most use an older version.

saints of virtue.
and maybe another couple..

wisedom and experience by those who use it , tel me.. tell me its bad aspects as well as the good..

i know its quite nice from what i've seen.. i haven't purchased it but plan to once godcentric has produced a dx8 demo first..
i just know it got some nice features and ideas and only costs the amount
if costs to employee a good programmer for a day or two..

God Bless

Karl Prosser
Klumsy / Surprise ! Productions.
ME / Redeemed by the Living God :)
May God Bless you, he sure does me.


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My wife has bought the software for me for a Christmas present. I dicided to try it out after looking at the site, after Gamesaint recomended it. I hope it will be as easy as everyone says it is.

Love in Christ