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**Introduction **

Ok, Here is the deal. I have been gone for a while. Things have been busy, but I have developed a new best friend. Its my handspring visor my work provided me. Why is it my best friend. Simply put, small. And easy to access. I can program on it anywhere. Which is nice.

** Problem **
Now for the not so nice. There is limited support out there for programming games. Sure there is source code out there. But it is hardly documented.

** Proposal **
I need help! I would like to publish source on the web for a game that has vertical and horizontal panning. I have no money, but if I did I would buy one of those Kyle's quest games by Kyle poole. And see how he implemented things.

** PAYOFF **
The payoff is three fold.
1. More games being developed for palm OS.
2. Increased traffic for CCN.
3. The satisfaction of knowing that you helped out allot of programmers.

** Conclusion **
I have some ideas how I would like to start things out. But first I need for anyone out there who would help me either as a side project or main project to post. Trust me its needed.

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FREQ!!!!!! It's GREAT to see you back!

I wish I could help out with the Palm OS stuff, but I don't know anything about coding them. However, here are a couple of sites I've found on the net that may help:

Good luck!





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There is a game programming forum at that has a Palm section. Maybe you'll find it useful.



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Another option for handhelds is text adventures. Supposedly, my Jarod's Journey game will play just fine on a palm (or any other handheld that folks have written a player for ... don't even need to recompile the game). Obviously, the graphics I added won't show up. The sound/music may not show up - really depends on the capability of the machine and if the person coding the player took advantage of it.

FYI, the developments systems for most text adventures are freely available. See this link for a list of them (FYI, I use TADS):

I guess you can back up and try to determine what you really want to accomplish.

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I think I would like to start out with simple side scrolling. I can not find any tutors out on the internet on this. This is kinda wierd because I used to find all kinds. Any Ideas? It can be for any platform I just need theory.