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Well sorry if I've wasted your time but usually on forums it says to say a hello when you join. So I thought just to say hi. I'm glad to meet other Christians over the internet and I think it is amazing how God brings people together in strange ways. Thanks to your site through a search engine I have finally found an MORPG creator that works for me, and I can finally start my game! So thanks everyone!


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No time wasted here. Hi, Pod. This... is C.C.N.


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Hi, Pod! Welcome to CCN!

And no -- you're certainly not wasting anybody's time by introducing yourself. You're right on track with what community is about -- I'm glad you took the time to introduce yourself.

We hope you enjoy your time here. So it sounds like you're into making games? Very cool. I'd be interested in hearing more about your gaming and programming interests and experience.





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Hey Pod, welcome to CCN!

I have finally found an MORPG creator that works for me, and I can finally start my game!

I'm interested to know what creator you're using and what your game is about (genre, style, setting, etc.)!


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I used to make games with Game Maker, but for some reason I stopped. Maybe it was too much hard work. And I put them on a site but there weren't many visitors. I've been wanting to run a simple 2D fantasy MORPG and finally I found the one right for me - Playerworlds. It is the furthest I've ever got and things are going well.


My game Bobo Online, free MORPG. See



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I never heard of playerworlds allows you to make your own MMORPG from scratch? or is it something like RPG Maker? Either way, it sounds interesting. Good luck with your project and I hope you share it with us here
Oh! and welcome to CCN :P




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Welcome to CCN, alot of our current members actually used an introducing thread. They call me everything from 2Corin 517 to MM, to M^2.

MM out-
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Welcome POD. . .

Howdy all! Check out, my latest CD.

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welcome to ccn, pod! i hope you enjoy your stay here!

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hi pod and welcome to ccn ¢¼

when i first came here i kind of excpected people to behave and reply to me they way they do in other forums but i have seen that everyone here is much kinder.

i am seeing so many new people here at ccn isn't it amazing some of the people that were here when i first came to ccn are gone i still remember the days of debate beteween most of us and warsong(until he got kicked out) and when i see the very first posts and discussions they were by different people(except mack and krylar and maybe some other admin(s))and now people like leet_hacker,and arissa_nightblade and many others are emerging .

everytime a new person comes it reminds me of my first days at ccn


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