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Han, I'm sorry. – Realm Master

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That model won't be animated. I just got signed on to do ANOTHER 3-week "work crew" up at a camp called woodleaf. Somebody else couldn't make it at the last minute, so they asked me... lol!
2 work crews in 1 summer!

sorry about that model...

yeah, im a little crazy
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I'm really sorry too Clint.


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Hey RM!

No worries -- I appreciate you letting me know! I talked with Cohort X over the weekend at the CGDC, and it looks like he might be able to help me out, so I'm not left completely high and dry.

BTW, thanks a lot for your willingness to try and tackle it -- and I still think I'd love to have some of your animation in one of my games sometime. I almost want to make a game just centered around some of your stick figure fighters -- I really like how you put expression into such simple forms.


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I'm sorry too Clint.

but, there's no need to be "sorry" to HanClinto, because he's a GREAT guy!

And better yet, he has a GREAT wife! <i know and met them both at the conference>

HanClinto I salute you.

Now, back to programming...