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MoxFulder writes "Henri Richard, AMD's VP of sales, has promised to deliver open-source drivers for ATI graphics cards (recently acquired by AMD) at the recent Red Hat Summit. A series of good news for proponents of open-source device drivers. In the last year, Intel, the leading provider of integrated graphics cards, has opened their drivers as well. But ATI and NVidia, the only two players in the market for high-performance discrete graphics cards, have so far released only closed-source drivers for their cards. This has created numerous compatibility, stability, and ethical problems for users of Linux and other open source OSes, and prompted projects like Nouveau to try and reverse-engineer NVidia drivers. Hopefully AMD's decision will put pressure on NVidia to release open-source drivers as well!"

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

If they keep this promise, all us ATI people and fan boys are going to be really happy! I'm getting a new laptop, which will have an ATI video card so I'm really happy that I decided I shouldn't get one with the Intel GMA card.

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Good news.. if they actually do it. (With big companies you never know...)


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i wish more major companies would make open source drivers. such as wireless network devices(this would be great!). then linux would be that much better, increasing it's compatibility.

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about time

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