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May 1, 2007 - BIG NEWS! Heaven's Blessings Tiny Zoo is launching a new training program using some smaller game projects to help teach new and aspiring game developers about the Torque engine and the game development process! Both the current sideline training projects are children's games (a Riding game and a Playground game), and we are accepting game ideas from individuals who would like to try their hand at Project Leadership of their own game idea as well. As developers working on these training projects advance in their skills, they will be eligible to graduate to the Visions game development project and work on this epic scale MMORPG as well. Are you interested? EMAIL ME! We are indie developers interested in helping other indies. There is no charge, participation is on a volunteer basis.

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Visions is a 3D graphics MMORPG set in the 2nd century holy land being developed with a volunteer team. We're seeking programmers, artists, musicians, researchers, and writers. Apply online at