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Hi guys. It's been a while since we've mentioned much about our progress.

I'm scheduling Bible Dave 0.7.5 to come out in 2 weeks (February 1). This release has some new graphics (special thanks to Lava, let's all give him a hand) the main menu and UI are almost complete, there's just a help menu and some extra settings to implement in the Options menu to add until we're done with the UI.

There are not many modifications to the game code since the last release and they were minor enough that I can't remember what they are .

The new features you can expect are:
* Several new in-game graphics
* Several new levels
* Several old levels will have improvments
* A couple bugs fixed

There are two major changes in the Temple and Mountain backgrounds. The mountain levels are now night levels and the Temple levels won't have a yellow background (See screenshots at end of post). The major graphic improvement by Lava was the new eagle graphic.

I plan to fight with the code some more in order to create a slightly darker tileset for the mountain levels to complete the "night time" look.

I have one request from you guys to make this next release more complete: If anyone uses Mac OS X, could they test Bible Dave and/or create a .dmg file to distribute it? We have packages for Windows, Debian/Ubuntu, and Fedora/Suse. We also have source code that works on Windows and Linux in general (although Bible Dave on windows ME/9x has not yet been tested).

We are getting very close to a Beta release!

The new credits menu

The new "night time" Mountain level(s)

The new temple background.

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