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The Deliverance Game – ssquared



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I noticed this game today from an on-line ad. I just figured I'd let the community know about it. I have not heard of it before.


Anyone have more information?



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Very interesting, (I like that word don't I) models seem to be of high quality, though on the cartoon side, rather than the realist side. (Incredibles vs. Narnia Game) I've never heard of it, interesting how much good is out there that isn't known.

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I happen to find ssquared's post doing a search on Yahoo. I happen to be the internet marketer responsible for selling The Deliverance Game. It was produced by West Creek Studios in suburban Chicago, winner of Telly awards for major animation projects.

I'm very intersted in getting the game reviewed and a buzz going to get this great new game out there in the Christian mainstream. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or comments.



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Hey Deliverance! Welcome to CCN!

Definitely make sure that Tim Emmerich is aware of your game -- he's the guy who organizes the annual Christian Game Developer's Conference -- one of the best things about the Conference is networking with other developers and seeing their projects, and I'm sure that many people could be blessed by seeing this game.

Tim also runs one of the most comprehensive Christian-based game stores on the 'net, Christian Games! Now! -- I personally find it really impressive how much he's managed to do on his own in his spare time.

Have you submitted your game to Christ Centered Game Reviews? You very well may have done it already, but if not, it's not a bad way to get noticed -- I personally don't hang out on that site very much, but I know many people who do. I've referred to it several times when I wanted a better perspective on a game I'd heard about.

Just some leads to get you moving forward. I'll definitely check out this game for recommending to families that I know. Are you planning on releasing a playable demo for Christmas?


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Hah, okay. I see Graceworks (Tim Emmerich) registered on your forums right before I did -- so I guess he already is aware of your game.

Is there a recommended age group for this game? I didn't find anything on there about what age group this was targeted to. (Edit: Found it -- it was right under my nose on the front intro page -- 9-16 years old)

BTW, the forums are set so that only moderators can access any of the topics, so I wasn't able to post over there.

Keep up the great work! It all looks really quite good.



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