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Ninja Robot Attack w/source code – steveth45



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As many of you may already know, I volunteered to teach a Intro to 3D game programming workshop at this year's CGDC. I decided to make a simple first person shooter style game to use for the class. Well, the game is done now, and can be downloaded at my webpage. I also put up the source code for download. The entire game is just under 700 lines of code (including empty lines and comments, etc). It's nothing spectacular, but it does have animated 3D models, stereo sound, waves (levels), health, points, etc. Right now, you have to have Windows to play the game. You also need a 3D video card from the last 5 years. The (now 6 years old) GeForce 2 MX has trouble rendering the frames at a playable speed, but anything newer I tried it with, works fine.

The source code is provided as a learning tool and feel free to use parts of the code or ideas from it in your own code. If you take the whole thing and build on top of it, give me credit and keep it open source . The game was made with the Irrlicht 3D engine and the Audiere audio library.




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Thanks very much.
I am sure I will learn alot from it.

quit posting on CCN? nope. I havn't been driven off yet.