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Free game released: Bungeling Bay – AmazingJas



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Some of you may know that I enjoy remaking some of the old 8bit console/home PC games of yesteryear. Well I've just finished a remake of 'Raid on Bungeling Bay'.
You can get it from my website mirrors or the fileplanet links below.

P.S. let me know if you enjoy it or not k? Here's the condensed readme:

Purpose: Bomb and destroy the 6 factories littered around the bay.
Controls: Cursor keys, CTRL to shoot, ALT to bomb/land/takeoff.
Hints: Limp back to the aircraft carrier whenever your health gets low, or you run out of bombs. Keep the carrier alive, or you'll be down to your last life, and you'll be relying on the 'secret' base for repairs and re-arming.

Download from:



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Looks great! Downloading now...