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Mayabin demo by Virtue Creations – Mack



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Virtue Creations has released a updated Mayabin demo! You can check it out here;

You find yourself on the island of Mayabin, a recluse lost in a world of research and study. The rest of the island’s inhabitants, while not all recluses, are, like you, caught in the net of never ending questioning, searching, groping in the dark for something to satisfy the soul.

But one day the never ending searching is interrupted by an answer, a destination. A boat has come to the island bearing a book called “Neverla”. The book tells of a mysterious land where people have found the secret to inner fulfillment. They have found the light within themselves, the inner guide, that gives direction, confidence and satisfaction. Moreover, the society has evolved beyond the need for monarchs, laws and punishment. They have an answer to the quest, will the people of Mayabin accept it?


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i'm d/l it as of right now. the graphics look great from the screen shot. the story line also sounds pretty cool.

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Wow that's a stunning screenshot, downloading right away! That has to be pre-rendered, if not... WOW!

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wow...that is pretty....

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