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I first want to thank all those who tired to help with this project in Python. As it was, The site was done in a program I like much better PHP.

It has always been my passion to share my knowledge with others, especially newbie designers just starting out in the field. My purpose for this letter is to invite you to take a look, and hopefully comment, on my new venture: a Christian Freelance jobs site. site is now live and I wanted to provide this Special Invite to signup by Tomorrow - October 4th. Sign up if Free through then.

My desire is to have it be much more than a place for jobs. I want it to be a place to share knowledge, ideas, offer help and mentoring, and above all, be a place of encouragement and a blessing to the Lord.

Early 2005, we will be launching a Forum for all our members. In it will be several sections including a section on Business: tips, guides, help- a question and answer arena. This is a request that you, or your members, prayerfully consider being a Moderator for my forum. It is not a full-time position and does not pay a salary. But it will be a blessing to many.

Thank you again,

I pray that this venture is a blessing to all,




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Coolness!!!! Thanks for the link.