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Let's make a game ! – stambo


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Hello, dear people !!!

I was very happy to understand, that there are many christian programmers in this world, who want to use the skills, which God gives
to them, to help the people to know Him better.

About three weeks ago, I and some friends had an idea. We were thinking to make a game, which main goal would be to give people right idea, who was Jeasus Christ. We had several ideas about different games, but I will share with you the best.

The game that I imagine, will be a quest. But the action will be only in one room - in court. The case will be "Who was Jeasus Christ?". There
will be advocate(angel) and prosecutor(devil). The user will be the judge.
There will be witnesses from different historical periods and so on.

About it's realization, I think that it will be hard, but not impossible.
We have to find an artist for the pictures , to make large database with facts, and to program it.

I hope you like the idea. If you have suggestions, comments, or want to take participation in any kind of way, you are welcome !

We were also thinking to make it freeware, and to post it in internet,
so many people will be able to play it. We don't want glory, we don't want money. We want only to make it for the blessing of people who are still
in darkness and to help them understand that only through Jesus Christ they could be saved.

God bless you!

Best Regards,



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Hi Stambo, I've got to say, I really think you have something there! Well done!

This is the first game I've heard about in a long time that has real commercial potential, though freeware is nice too. It's unique, and could be built with a fairly moderate platform/programming language.

I wish you all the best with this venture and look forward to hearing out it's going!



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Yea, it would be cool to see Satan caught in his own lies or trying to plant false evidence, or rig the jury. With satan as prosecuter the questioning during jury selection would be a hillarious!


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that does sound like a pretty interesting game. it would be a good way to teach people a more in depth look at CHRIST, and why HE came. hope things go well!

proverbs 17:28
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Hey, Stambo! (ZDRAVEI;o)

I am writing this message because I am asking ALL OF YOU for support. Any support for this game would be greatly appreciated. We need people with fresh ideas who are willing to work at no cost just like us. This is the most important part - because this game would be freeware. Thank you and God bless you!



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I sent a private message to Stambo I believe the day after this post originally went up, and still have not heard back. I would be interested in helping on this project, but would rather continue the discussion through private messages or email.

Eric Pankoke