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Hey everyone,

I uploaded a beta version of my current project codenamed "WordRaider". It is an attempt to create quick, and powerful search features into the Bible.

You can check out the project homepage which is also labeled "TruthQuest" at

TruthQuest is a free DLS (Digital Library System) that will look like Libronix DLS, but be open source and freeware, in the mean time, you can download the beta of WordRaider, a tech demo of TruthQuest's bible search engine at the showcase.

God bless

Function God_hates_Laziness()
If (Christian==Lazy) Then
Printf("Proverbs 19:15 'The shiftless man goes hungry'")
Printf("Proverbs 15:19 'The way of the sluggard is blocked with thorns'")
Return Hunger
Return GodsWill

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