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i had an idea more than a year ago regarding a passive (and active) scripture memorisation program) that docks a bar containing flash content which has scriptures in it. the desktop is resized so apps and this scrpturebar do not interfere (works like the taskbar) and you can resize the size of the scripturebar, and move it from to either the top or the bottom of the desktop. It also remembers your last positioning coordinates for next time you load it.

It currently has only one scripture (though a long one), and its more an example. proof of concept application. its 'alpha'

also it requires macromedia flash player to work.

here is a link to the zip

and comments, feature suggestions/requests, bug reports welcome.

my plans for version 1 include:
1> having users to select different scriptures and customise 'playlists' - however each scripture will be its own flash file that has to be designed.
2> ability to have some simple interactive test/memorisation games.
3> set it so that the width of the flash changes when the height is resized, up to point.
4> have many options, like the ability to control the macromedia flash quality (so it doesn't slow down users with slow computers)
5> buttons that link to gospelcom (the same scripture or chapter) for further study
6> a basic web community for users with the ability of useres to create and share their own flash scripture files.

my plans for version 2 (which is a ways down the track)
1> is to have databases of scriptures in text, and not just to have flash files for each scripture but rather different flash animations that can take in a scripture as text, adn with actionscript apply certian visual effects.
2> have the program be able to download scripture playlists of the net, and also upload their ones for others to share
3> have alot of the functionality of the community be built into the app
4> ability to play sound to scriptures (and options to control that), whether through the microsoft SAPI api, or recorded as wav,mp3 inside the flash SWF files

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hey, sweet!
very cool.
just one comment, I wouldn't keep all the fancy flash animations... in my mind it'd work best if some flash animation to bring in a verse and just keep it there, in a single, normal font(can be a cool font, but... normal)
my opinion, at least.

and this program is designed to run in the background, right?
I see your gonna put the resize feature in, but I'd make it probably thinner, something that really wouldn't stick out.

but, once again, it looks awesome!

EDIT: oh, one bug, the "you" on "you shall write them on your doorposts and on your gates" isn't showing all the way... supposed to go vertical, but it's not, and the "o" and "u" are being blocked by the "write"

and one last thing.. my comments are what I thought the project would best be. so it's more of a subjective comment.

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