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Hello all,

I am new here, so I hope it is a friendly place. I am an electronic (and acoustic) musician, and did work a few years ago in the game and software business, providing music and sound effects. I would like to get back into it, but the business has changed a bit. I would also like to work on Christian projects, since that is in keeping with my faith. Any advice and leads would be very much appreciated. My web site is . Thanks.

Tim Melton



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Hey, What's up! Welcome to CCN! some people call me Tim too, but that's cuz it's my name too.. good name, my friend, good name. Graceworks, one of my homies here, would agree. some call him tim, too.

is it a friendly place? dude, I hope so. Atleast, it is for me... the people here are really cool. best forum I've been to. (not that I'm a forum psycho or anything)

I heard some of your samples.. good stuff! I like "mystery."
I currently don't have need for music now, I pretty I have that settled, but if I do ending up need somebody, I'll remember you.