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Angel is a Dad – Soul Joy

Soul Joy


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I don't know if this is apporpriate to post here since I am relatively new to posting but since many of you know Angel I figured you would like to here the news.
Baby Born at Detar Hospital Victoria at 4:17 PM on January 29th: Stop
Beautiful: Stop
Baby Girl: Stop
Natasha Elenor Kelsey: Stop
8 Pounds, 6 Ounces: Stop
21 inches long: Stop
Deep Blue Eyes (according to dad): Stop
Gift from God: AMEN

Official comments from new dad: She's Soft
Official comments from new mom: BIG SMILE
Mom and Baby are doing great!

God Bless You All!
David And Brenda (Grandpa and Grandma)

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Rock on! Congrads Angel and Mrs.Angel!

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WOOT! That's excellent. All the best on the new addition to your family.

God bless!





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Congratulations to Angel & family!

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Congrats to the proud parents and grandparents! Children are truly a wonderful and amazing adventure!

God bless,
Matthew Teboe
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That's great - why should he get off scott free ?

Seriously, congratulations to all involved for the most precious gift imaginable.


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Glory to our Lord!!

I pray that baby Natasha rocks this world for Christ! And imparts the necessary wisdom to prepare her to do so on the parents.

Thank you Jesus!!

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Nice one Angel, I think this will give you a different slant on some of the subjects that you write about becoming a Dad totally changed my life, I became a different person, my priorities changed - my hobbies changed, my interests changed, I never thought I'd enjoy being a DAD, in fact I said to my wife that I didn't want to have children, because I so much enjoyed the life of a 'couple' with "no responsibilities" - go out where you want, when you want

but I must say, when I saw my daughter born I was besotted with her from the first minute that is something that must rate as the best part of my life (I think my wife was somewhat relieved ) and I went on to chuck all my spare time interests from "before" to become a real Dad

Angel, enjoy it my friend, before you lies some great happy years I think any chance of a jpg of the happy mum and girl ?? congratulations Angel nice one !!

from your old mate
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Yeh congratulations mate!!!


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