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In case you didn't notice, I have now written a full, and very detailed article on my experience with video games and how it has affected my Christian walk. It is a very unique and interesting perspective, and I encourage you all to read it. Make sure you have a little time on your hands though, it's 4 webpages long (I told you it was detailed!).

Also, please give any comments if you have any. Positive OR negative, I don't care. Say something!


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Thumbs up! I can relate to alot of different aspects on what you were talking about, thanks for taking the time for typing it out for us to check out!

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It's a great article. I read it on your website a few weeks ago, and that was the thing that God used to prompt me (yet again) to give up the games. I skimmed through your article the first time, knowing all the while that Da Nile is not just a river in Egypt. (read that outloud if you don't get the joke) Not too long thereafter, after I'd really become consumed in a game I mentioned in yet another thread (the non-combat MMORPG), God really put his finger on it and I realized it had to go. As I relayed in (yet) another thread, I obeyed, wiping them all off my system, not backing up the save files and such (this time, as I'd done previously) and what's the result?

Well, stress and boredom at first, of course ;-)

But, as many of you may know, I work for myself, and my workload has gone absolutely through the roof. If you're working for someone else, that might not be so good, but if you're freelance, that's a wonderful, wonderful blessing. I've got work coming on, work I'm working on, work I just got paid for, work I'm quoting on, and work I'm about to start.

So, thanks for sharing the article and being obedient to God.