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i have a project,but how can i do it without you? – no7



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lo , evrery one , i say every one so it s not only for the christians ,
because i dont know how to say a personn is a christians or a non christians!!!
i just know when someone is true (for my heart) or a liar. an we can be both !!
my project is a game, so it s not a christian project , but a heart project , i don't want to
include some moral or religious things in my game , i just want it make dream !
for me religion is like a film , every one see the same film but every one understand
differently, because religion don't speak in a stereotype way, religion is the relation with
you and god so with you and the other ! it's personnal and universal ,like
a different doors for everyone but the same destination.
so my game (in opengl ) is just dream , my objectif is just to remember that we are first
not christians but first we are child ,kids, with a lot of dreams...
i dont have a large knowledge of bible but i think that Jesus say the child are the one
we can won the even , because they don't reject the invisible and the don't reject there
dream , and they always esperate never deseperate , it isnt the way to get love?
be a child mean we have a father !
i m not sure to be a child as now , but i know its what i want to be ,
it s not a regression , just a evolution
i hope some one read me and maybe interest with my project