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Hi, People I have Created a New RPG that Doesn't have a Name... and of Course it's a Christian RPG... I wouldn't be talking about it if it wasn't...

it's to be done in about two months and it's a really simple Game.
Here's a snippit of the Script


The setting is in a Future City admits Great Religion oppression and Social degeneration. In other words, Thousands of people Work and play inside For a Good reason I might addÖ but Iím not going to tell you why Ö youíll have to play the game that is going to be free to the Public on Nov. 18th 2002 Via Sky Productions There's not a lot of activity outside the walls of the city considering that there surrounded by a Shield of Gang Crime and an oppressive Crime organization (to be named later) surrounding the City(that is also to be named later) ( Can't give too much away ... that is that I haven't even Gotten all the names picked out Hehehe)
Anyway... there's an Organization that is Fighting against the Oppression... now... there not for the City nor are they for the Criminals. There a band of Friends formed after an earthquake ripped there town to shreds. Because of this Earthquake they were Forced to move to the city to live. There are many reasons that each person has for personally joining this organization and you can ask them all about there experiences before there involvement with the Org. where we jump in is here. Itís Foxís First day here at The Centeral Command Center. And heís getting the usual treatment, though thereís things about Fox that Sky Ė the leader of the Org. knows about, and fox doesnít.

The walk Back to Command

As Fox is walking down the corridor, he looks at the Map and paper that he picked up and bumped into a Girl
She is carrying a portfolio of papers and just as Fox looks up he quickly moves out of the way because sheís not looking where she is going.... (Itís Ame but the User doesnít know that.)
Fox breaths so loud that you can hear it

..... Meanwhile......

Cut away to Skyís office as we hear over the intercom

Ed: Yeah, I donít know how he did it but he fixed it in under three minutes... I mean the record is 5 mins.

Sky: so have you found out what he can really do? ...

Ed: No, Sir but I sent him up to you for an eval... I donít know what to do... I mean it was my hardest test.... not everybody passes that test... I mean, only ten percent pass in under 10 min. and only a total of 1.5% pass.

Sky: I know the statistics... and please be careful about quoting them to me.

Ed: O, Sorry...

Sky: itís ok, how long will he be?

Ed: I sent him around the long way. He doesnít know about Jonsonís pass way yet

Sky: ETA?

Ed: Ten min

Sky: From what time?
(Fox walks in the Door)

Ed: Um, about ten mins ago.

Sky: Bye Eddie (shuts off Intercom)

Sky: Hello Fox.

Fox: Hello.

Sky: Do you have my mp3 player?

Fox: Eddie said..... (Sky interrupts Fox)

Sky: Hum... well thereís one thing you are going to have to learn.... itís called Chain of command.

Fox: Forgive me.

Sky: Fox... this is your first day.... Iím expecting you to make mistakes... please do not apologize for what you do wrong today... you do not know.

Fox: Thank you.

Sky: I sent you to Eddie to see what you could do.... Eddie tells me that you passed his tests amazingly.... and thatís what I expected... but my test is going to be much harder.... and you will not pass. This test will tell me where I can put you.... and to where you will be the hardest worker... and the best at what you are doing.... here I do not waste talents.... and I allow for developments of other skills that one possesses. If you have any special talents they will come out here. And they must... please do not hold back.... let me explain what we are about to do...

Later on....

An emergency arisesÖ The center goes to every length to keeps itís location a secret and when thereís a Threat to that Security. The people at Central jump on the source of that Threat. Thatís what this next part is, there at the beginning of an initial Threat situation.

Jonson: SirÖ why Ame?

Sky: I need her down here... please donít ask questions unless you know what your talking about.

Jonson: sir, sorry sir.

Sky: Lets Go.... we need to cut them all off... where are they at now and where do they seem to be heading?

Jonson: One min.

Sky: Jonson you know better than that.... hurry up. Weíll meet you outside. Fox lets go.

Fox: Sir

<Sky running to the Door Fox follows and trips on a cord.... pulling out headphones from someoneís ears and jack.... >

Fox: what the....

Sky: GurneyÖ come with us you just volunteered. Jonson, Stay, you have command.

Gurney: yes sir.

< So the three, Gurney Fox and sky head down the corridor to an elevator. Just as they get to the elevator sky turns to Fox >

Sky: Fox wait here.... wait for Ame... sheís not a fighter... she will need you to fight for her.... Iím sure that sheíll tell you why in the course of the following events.

Fox: Sir I donít know what she looks like.

Sky: remember that girl you bumped into in the hall... thatís her.

Fox: whaaah<elevator shuts> hey, how did you.... ah never mind

< Fox turns around and leans up against the elevator doors... a couple of moments pass and then the elevator doors open with Fox leaning on them. He falls in on Ame. >

Ame: so we meet again.... I must apologize for me being so rude before... I just got so focused and didnít want to stop... sorry.

Fox: No, itís ok.

Ame: so do you know whatís going on?

<Doors shut, Fox just in time pulling his foot out of the way. >

Fox: we were traced... <Ame hitís top-level button>and we were called to eliminate the threat. Thatís all I know. <Fox picks himself up off Ame>

Ame: thatís odd... is Jonson with sky?

Fox: no, itís me and Gurney and Sky.

Ame: what... O no. Thatís not good

Fox: what do you mean....?

<Door dings>

Ame: later... we need to go and help Gurney.

<Door opens>

Ame: letís go

Fox: whatís wrong with gurney?

< They both come to a wide-open plot of land. Fox turns around just in time to see the last of the elevator disappear underground >

Ame: he could die if we donít hurry.

Fox: how do you know? Iím sure he can take care of himself. He looks very capable.

Ame: if we have time later I will explain it to youÖ but now we have to help him.

<Jonson speaks through Foxís MacroBot.>

Jonson: Fox are you there.... to run the communicator just hit the green button

<Fox looks for the Green button finding it on the underside of the bot slightly hidden. >

Fox: Jonson what is itÖ

Jonson: Do you know where youíre going?

Fox: no, Iím just following Ame.

Jonson: well, you are going in the wrong direction.

Ame: Jonson what do you know.

Jonson: well comparatively more than you right now.

Ame: you know, I know, whatís going on just as much as you, if not more... if thereís something that I donít know about tell me Jonson

Jonson: well, itís just that youíre headed away for Sky and Gurney.

Ame: I know...

<Fox stops dead slides a little on the gravel.>

Fox: wait. If there over there... we need to go to them.

<Ame stops and turns toward Fox>

Ame: you have to trust me... they will be fine until they get up to this point... they need us here first.

Fox: I dontí know if theyíll last...

Ame: Sky can handle this all on his own... but Gurney will die in the process... if we donít help him. Heíll never make it.

Fox: I donít understand.

Ame: Lets go.

< Ame runs on, Fox takes a second and follows>

<They come up to an old section of Commercial area (itís very dark) and then Ame stops while Fox stops right behind her.>

Ame: Here! Fox Hide... nowÖ.. Move!

Fox: What... why...

<Ame Grabs Him and pushes him>

Ame: Go Now!

Fox: ok fine

< Ame finds a portion of alley and Fox hides behind and slightly under a car.>

And that's all you get for now... there's 40 pages of this game yet it's not complete...

please Post your Comments... do you like? or is there something that you see that you think may need some changing?

there's more of this story and it's Tidbits to come