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Lone coder with a lone game – CobraA1



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I've been in the process of making a game similar to Transport Tycoon. Since I'm a lone coder, work's been kinda slow, so I'm wondering if I couldn't see if there's anybody here who can give advice about getting help - I can't really hire anybody, since I've got nothing to pay them with, and I'm wary of giving my work to somebody else . . .

Should I stay a loner?



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I'm a loner when it comes to coding. However, I always look for libraries and such that I can pay a small amount of $ for to help me move along more quickly.

I do work with an artist, but I do the majority of the coding.

It really depends on your goals. My goal is to have fun making games. If it takes a long time, I don't mind...the journey to me is more fun than the release anyway.

All the best!





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Try looking for someone here to help you with things. It may become a group project.

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