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New Freeware Christian Game: The Key – jmkc80


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Hi! I just discovered this website (what a great resource!) and thought I would post about a game I am working on. A while back I realized that there were all sorts of games filled with evil but very few filled with good and almost none (or so I thought) filled with Christianity, so I decided to write one.

The result is a freeware game called The Key. It is a graphical 3d Myst-like science fiction game that takes place in 2198 and centers around two factions: the Exiles (a group of Christians exiled for their faith) and an empire that is trying to crush them. As you play the game you learn more about both parties and have to decide who to support.

Right now I have the first two parts of the game posted and am working on Part III, which will be the conclusion. My website is at:

You can download Part I and II (the download is around 45 megs) here:

My website has links to download just Part I or II or the demo.

If you have any advice or questions please feel free to ask! If anyone wants the source code I'd be glad to send it or discuss how I built the game. Right now I'm looking for both help in finishing Part III and help in getting the word out.

Have a great day!

--Jon Cooper



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Free games = good.

Free Christian Games = Great!

My unsaved friends mother is into the myst-style games, I'll make sure to give this one a try and consider recommending it to her. The screenies look really good, I'm looking forward to trying it out. Keep up the great work! God bless!

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Hey, very good screenshots, I'll have to give this game a try.
It's always nice to have other Christian developers on this site!
Keep up the good work and God bless!