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There was a problem with the private messages that I fixed. In while doing so I put in some quick code that made it display if you had messages and such right off the front screen. Was a trivial change, but it's cool. You have to be logged into the boards (or allow cookies to be set) for it to be obvious. Otherwise you'll just see "Show Private Messages".




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what a GREAT facility to have private messages on here, they are SOOO good, but they need getting used to, that's for sure...

first they are excellent for sending multiple messages, just enter (carefully) extra usernames into the box and the system will automatically handle everything, BUT next time you look at private messages, it will report that you only sent it to the FIRST named recipient, you didn't, but that's just an idiosynchrosy

second - if you log into CCN from different computers than which you set cookies on, you could be in for a bumpy ride. It happened to me and I found that on the computer I set cookies, the MINUTE I log on, Krylar's features referred to ABOVE are THERE, it says e.g "6 messages 2 are new"

Impressed or what? But at another computer, a different story. You may find the same as me, if you do just find a post from yourself in the message board somewhere and using that; private message YOURSELF. This FORCES the system to let you into your post office (assuming you're having trouble) ..... hey did you REALLY want to hear all that? if not, use a couple of tin cans and some LOOONG string.......

from your old mate :
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