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Hello folks,

My name is Christopher Perkins and I am the project lead for N'Lightning Software (Catechumen, Ominous Horizons). I've been a member here for a while and I read posts almost daily. This is my first post though, and I'd like to know if anyone has played either of our games. Ominous Horizons is out now and if anyone has any feedback, we'd all appreciate hearing what you have to say. (good or bad)




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Welcome to CCN Christopher!

Please do some more posting, we'd love to know more about N-Lightning's experiences.

I've already sent you some feedback via EMail and will try to send some more within a week - or work on the review that I'm behind on.


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Gwarg hahahaha! Wow my name is Christopher and im a Project Lead as well. Who da thunk it? Tim how are you doing man? Im probly going to be getting Truespace soon and doing some modeling. Figured sense games was being mentioned here I could but in ^_^ John is moveing down to live with me for awhile... all the way from New York to Texas. He is comeing down in a long sleaved shert. With this heat I bet that will change fast.

Anyways as for games. Thus far the game that we are working on has over 80 pages worth of story line done. Then we have a larg larg list that keeps growing for items in our game. We also disided to drop the "Christian" thingy. Reason being that in a RPG if you say for one momment that God is sending you on this mission thats like fals prophacy or something. Anyways there are way to many religius arguments there. We disided insted to make a great game with good moarls and say " :P Christians made this and we are the best HAHAHA HA "

Magic was fun to argue out. Took us about 2 mouths to get that out of the way =) And we did get it out of the way. No magic... we have something better and it makes more sence. Besides if you wanted to really have magic people would want to play. You would have to spend all day chanting stuped things and holding a broom between your legs as well. That just wouldnt do good in a fight I say.

Oh ya and our long search for a great programer is over. YAY half a year of being shot back and forth and now we can kick back and work. No more wandering who is going to work on our crazy ideas.

Anyways I figued I should drop by an old hang out and say hello to everyone. Hope you are all haveing as much fun as I am ^_^ If your work isnt fun then why bother doing it :P

God Bless
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I congradulate you N'Lightning for your service to the Christian gaming community. I understand the long fought out struggles, the frustration and pain. You have built two great alternatives for Christian kids out there, something that the industry does need, with it being polluted with secular-based crap, people need choices in todays world and I'm glad that you guys are there to offer kids an alternative.

I'm interested in what you did sales base for both Catechumen and Ominous Horizons (per copies sold), you guys seem to still be in business and doing rather well. If you don't feel like staying that on CCN feel free to e-mail me:

God Bless and Stay Frosty,



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