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They put him in jail! Unbelievable...

I grew up listening to him and watching his videos(and liking them, btw), and now I find out that just last month, the government put him in jail for not paying taxes....

And the article in Wikipedia that I read about it was so blatantly anti-Hovind it was pathetic.

I really just - hate the IRS. It ought to be shut down, imo.
And Dr. Hovind could face up to 288 years in prison - for not paying taxes?! They let child rapists and murderers out after a lousy year or two, or on parole, and yet a stupid tax evasion conviction gets you 288 years?!

This country just sucks, sometimes.



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I don't know much about the guy, but I know some about what you said. Firstly, avoiding taxes, its a law! You obey it! We're made to pay taxes in a law which was intended for good.

288 years is the same to me as 200 years. But I'm sure there must be more to it than just avoiding taxes. Are you sure about them getting out after a year or two?

As for the IRS, without them our country would be in shambles.

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Reposesssing stuff can be fun.

As long as they didn't reposess your stuff.

You've got to learn how to deal with your taxes, the IRS is just, unforetunealy, the guys who do the dirty work and nobody repsects them for it. Mene-Mene is right, I think wihtout them our country would be in shambles.

The IRS is only "Bad" because a bunch of spriteful people couldn't manage their taxes and the IRS did their job and now they think they've been.... I dunno, used or crushed or beaten or whatever (Beaten not in litteral terms)

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I happen to know people who are personal friends with the Hovind family and they related some stuff to me. Unfortunately Hovind held the conviction that the "modern tax laws go against God's law" and was seeking to keep his ministry from being involved with the government in any way. His personal belief was that his entire organization was a ministry and as such it should be tax-exempt completely (personal, property, employee, etc). This stance included not only not paying taxes but never seeking building permits, never incorporating, etc etc While sticking to your principles is laudable Jesus did say we should pay our taxes and follow the rules of the government unless they clash with God's law. Obviously he believes that the US law does so but I've never gotten a full explanation of what parts he thinks do conflict.

Hovind is apparently pretty clueless when it comes to business stuff and he was given some bad business advice from associates years ago. He honestly didn't think things would come to this...that is, until the IRS red-flagged his organization and his friends made him aware just how serious this all was.



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fyi re: IRS - you should do some more exploration with where and how and why the IRS (and income tax) came into being.

It is closer to being illegal than it is simply "bad because of spiteful people".

That said - I still pay my taxes.


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I was very disturbed when this news came out!

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16th amendment was made for income tax. otherwise, it would have been unconstitutional.

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Yes, and according to Kent Hovind he was giving a lot of money to God, and didn't owe any to "Caesar" or our government.

That didn't stop him from being jailed, of course...



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i saw a comment on another forum about this but didnt really think much about it. i watched some of his videos and enjoyed them... to bad it had to come to this... kinda shocking really... almost as much as steve irwin.

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