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I like the views former presidential advisor Pat Buchanan which his books seem to hit #1 so let me show the facts to support him. I could just quote Pat but then people will call him names despite he is a “real conservative” compared to the many neo conservatives.
"Saddam Hussein is accused of ordering the deaths of 148 Shias in 1982 in the village of Dujail, a charge which carries the death penalty."
Compared to now how "over 7,000 Iraqis were killed last year" (2005)
"The Pentagon said 26,000 Iraqis were killed" (2004)
hmmm 148-(7,000+26,000+the rest not counted)= I don't get it. Well in total they say the IBC (Iraq Body Count) estimated it at 41,639 civilian deaths. Now you know they will want vengeance for their many loved ones deaths by these unchristian that say they are Christians will only hurt Christians, non Christians, and Christianity. The last thing the majority of Iraqis want to do is cheer now or ever for what has happened.
Also that in 2004 ” 80 percent of violent deaths were caused by U.S. forces and that most of the people they killed were women and children.” Well I guess u can’t blame “terrorists” and “insurgents” on this action again, but I guess its like one saying goes how if you keep pushing something people will believe it eventually. When collateral damage outnumbers solder damage then there is a major mess up.
That's not including US soldiers, environmental issues, the vast number of injured or maimed, and money spent which hurts our economy and helps other hostile countries which the US supports get richer and majority cheer for the country as many. War is a good business where do I sigh up? But the problem is that I would not get paid well and I have to pay for it with my life. As john Kerry said uneducated stupid people go to war which he may have taken back since he has to but the majority of people in office and the rest know that its true despite many do not want to believe it and feel its insulting since people want things to be politically correct.

Reminds me when they knocked down the statue of Hussein and they show a bunch of people around it but a picture is worth a thousand words but less when implying that they are people of Iraq. While independent news which the country is not involved they all say the people during that video were Americans all around and all the people of Iraq were not their.

Well they wanted to get rid of all influence of Christianity in the middle eat and the “Christians” are getting what the deserve to not live their in peace in the new system. Hussein’s left hand man is Christian and not that the Muslims have full control the picnic is over. It’s just like that other silly trial with Milosevic which he was not given proper medical treatment so that he dies so that people assume that he is bad and now Kosovo which was Christian has been given to Muslim terrorists which have been changed to freedom fighters a simple name change to demonize the other side to get the ability to bund down all Christian churches in Kosovo which many Christians blindly cheer, but those blind Christians will have to answer for their instigating crimes to a higher authority when the time comes.

(the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and more Iraq people are against it than for it, especially now where more innocent people died within the last year is not even close to what Hussein killed in his life times.)

"[Chief Judge Rauf Abdel Rahman orders Saddam Hussein to stand to hear the verdict. Two bailiffs force the former Iraqi leader to stand, one twisting his arm.]

Chief Judge: The court has decided to sentence defendant Saddam Hussein al-Majid to death by hanging until he is dead...

Saddam Hussein, shouting over the judge: Long live the people. Long live the nation. Down with the traitors...

Chief Judge, hammering his gavel and raising his voice: ...crimes against humanity, and found guilty in accordance with articles... Iraq's High Tribunal...

Saddam Hussein, shouting over the judge's words: Down with the invaders. God is great. God is Great. God is great... To hell with your articles and clauses... "

Info about it ==============
(The Trial was a joke and anything that knows first hand about court and life is that its not what they know its who they know to win, which is why the many actions done during the court would have been seen as heavily tampered for the verdict to be what it was.)
"The trial of Saddam Hussein was supposed to mark an important moment in a process of turning Iraq from dictatorship to the rule of law.

However, it might turn out to be just another event in the catalogue of chaos that has engulfed the country.
Another important aspect of this trial is that Iraqis themselves have run it. That was one of the principles at stake here.

Criticism of court
The quality of justice in the case has however been questioned by some outside bodies.

Amnesty International said: "Amnesty opposes the death penalty in all circumstances and we deplore the death penalty in this case.
"It is because we consider that the trial was flawed in serious ways that it is more concerning that the death penalty should be imposed."

He listed his group's concerns about the trials.
"The independence and impartiality of the court was impugned. There was political interference. The first judge resigned, the second was barred for being a former member of the Baath party, the only political entity at the time, and the third judge had relatives who were killed in Halabje [where Kurds were gassed by Saddam Hussein's forces].

The trial perhaps assumes an international legal importance greater than its impact in Iraq itself

"The security of the court was also impossible to keep. Three defence lawyers were murdered. Saddam himself had no access to legal advice for a year. There were also problems with the defence's ability to function."

What most people think around the world.==========

"If Saddam gets a death sentence for killing 142 irags that wanted to kill him, what will bush and blair get for killing 100,000 plus iraqs.
Where is the justice?
Is the war justified?"

"This is another episode of the "endless" charades orchestrated by the Almighty US Administration in an era of lawlessness and chaos, championed by the rogue US State. It was as predictable, both in timing and content, as the policy of Mr George Bush's has been over the past, seemingly endless years. The court has been illegal, and the proceedings and evidence all put together crudely by the US Administration. Unfortunately, the US has been able to find a handful of willing, and complicit, not to mention unintelligent and vengeful, people to assist in its demonic undertakings in Iraq."

"How can our government hail a death penalty when our system of law is against it?
These are double standards.
I do not like Saddam Hussein or what he has done, but killing him in cold blood will only make him a martyr and strengthen the resolve of his followers..."

"With Saddam found guilty for crimes against humanity, will there now be trials against George W Bush and Tony Blair on same charges? After all it was their orders upon which the armed forces of their countries unleashed weapons that killed Iraqi civillians."
"Punishment for war crimes? So when will they string up Henry Kissinger and Ariel Sharon?"

"The BBC ticker tells us Bush is calling this a milestone.
I see it as another millstone (a nice big round one) around the necks of the forces of evil (led by Bush, Blair, Howard etc.) that brought so much misery and death to Iraq.
Ironically at a time when everyone has been stressing unity, the people enjoying this the most are the Shias in Sadr City, not the best of friends where the Sunnis are concerned."

"Saddam's fate must be decided by an independent
Iraq but here there is evidence of interference
by outside forces as claimed by Amnesty Inter-
national hence the appeal court should be set up outside Iraq. He should be given a fair trial after all it is US that gave him destructive weapons to destroy Iran,their no 1 enemy n kurds who wanted to devide Iraq, an act of treason .US gave protection to Marcos,former dictator of Phillipines and gave sanctuary to another mass murderer the shah of Iran and arranged transfer of undeclared public wealth to US. Why this double standard."

"Saddam's hanging should serve as a lesson to middle eastern leaders who cooperate with the U.S./West -in the end when they (West) have made use of them (leaders) they leave them to hang. Afterall, Saddam Hussein was the West's puppet in Iraq. In that sense, the west is even partly responsible for saddam's genocide on his people. Such hypocrisy."

Conclusion is Iraq better? Not to what the majority and decently the people in Iraq are not cheering. Was Saddam bad? Well all leaders get influenced to do bad as the saying goes power corrupts, so it’s not just hypocrisy. But also the fact he was given weapons by the US to kill innocence people in what many say. What a way to make Christians more unsafe in the Muslim world and to Muslims which doesn’t make things better because of unchristian actions. Maybe he does deserve to die, many his killing of 148 people that tried to kill him, are terrorist, or has been ordered to is bad and should have let them kill him first to not get the circus tribunal. lol.

"The conversion of a savage to Christianity is the conversion of Christianity to savagery." Shaw "Hell is paved with good intentions, not with bad ones"
"Matthew 7 21. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven"