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Pope's speech stirs Muslim anger(so what) – warsong

They say the pope said anti Muslim or anti Turkish comments at

Not like he lies but stated the truth. If a Muslim said it then it would be his opinion but if a non Muslim say it then its antimuslim. But a lot of history has been edited to cater to favor Muslim Turks and some books have excluded the first genocide in the 20th century was by the Muslim Turks massacring 800,000 Christian Orthodox Armenians. No one mentions and the Muslim deny and have paid a loot of money to many American scholars and companies.

Even Microsoft was stated to have excluded the incident from pressure from the Muslim government to not mention it or not mention much about it in the encyclopedias.
But as Ronald Regan said that Americans allies may all be S.O.B. (sons of bitches) but they are Americaís SOB, and so they get special treatment despite many of them having committed many atrocities.

So for them to call the Pope a Turkophobe is silly and just using silly negative words to attack the facts and get simple minded sympathy. The Catholic church knows very well what bad things the Muslim have done since they worked with them for over 1000 years using them and the strong arm to exterminate many orthodox people and have taken a lot of land from them. The oppression of the Orthodox Church has strengthened the Catholic Church and the Muslim religion. Now the Catholic Church knows that they give them too much power and what goes around comes around and they try to tame the wild animal which they lost control of.

Also the fact that the Muslims make money from stolen land and use other peopleís culture to make money is silly. They were destroying all the evidence that others were there at first but when they see they can make money from tourism now they try to save it and spin the story. And the Christian people canít do anything because the Muslims have the support from the American, England, and Israeli government, and the rest of the muslim nations. But if the others did that to Americans then they would be a full blown war. Well I donít believe in a pope but I agree with what he says.

It's like rock, paper, scissors. The rock (Christian nations) that want to keep their land, the paper (Muslims) taking it over while the Scissors (unchristian actions by the Americans, England, and Israel) let them so they can take them or have control over them again. One example is kind of like how England was called the empire that the sun never set or something like that to show that they controlled a lot of land all around the world since at least one land they had it was alwyas day time.

"The conversion of a savage to Christianity is the conversion of Christianity to savagery." George Bernard Shaw (Hence christian sects)"Hell is paved with good intentions, not with bad ones"
"Matthew 7 21. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven;... depart from me, ye that work iniquity."
Orthodoxy=best kept secret in the US. 2nd largest Christian communion in the world