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You've probably heard of this man in news lately

Abdul Rahman

Abdul is an Afghani. He was a Muslim; but 14 or 16 years ago, while working with some Christian aid workers, something happened that changed his life in a profound way. He heard the truth and believed. He gave his life to Jesus.

Abdul knew the high risk and resulting consequences of becoming a non-Muslim in Afghanistan as in many Muslim nations.

Abdul did not try to hide his faith, but instead told his family, friends, and even a policeman.

But now those around him want to shut him up - permanently. Last week Abdul was given a choice to make - deny Christ or die. Repent and turn back to Islam or face the consequences.

Abdul has refused, saying "I believe in the Holy Spirit, I believe in Christ. And I am a Christian."

from the Times of London:
Sayad Miakhel, told The Times: “He is standing by his words; he will not become a Muslim again. He has been a Christian for over 14 years. It is what he believes in . . . ” Mr Miakhel, 30, said that conditions in the prison were basic, with 50 men to a cell built for 15. “Most prisoners have food brought to them by their families, but none of Abdul’s family have been to visit. I’m not sure how he is eating.”

“He seems depressed. He keeps looking up to the sky, to God,” said Mr Miakhel.

His faith makes me ashamed and very humble, because given everything I have and suffering little to no consequences for sharing my faith with others, I instead stay silent.

We should keep him in our prayers.

CNN has some pictures and video of Abdul Rahman

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I dont feel shamed by that, but I have to wonder, what would I do in that position?

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hmm... i hope i would do the same... you didn't make this clear, he's in prison right? i'm reading the article.. oh ok he is... it does shame me a little... humbles me more...

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Yipee! They've dropped the case against Abdul for now. Some think it's because of the pressure from the U.S, maybe so; but I thank God for answered prayers on this!