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Always been a fan, but I've just never understood, I'm not sure where I can find out why he chose the Muslim religion and became Yusuf Islam.

The only story I heard was that he was handed the Koran one day by a realtive or friend and as he continued to read he got more and more into the teachings within it and quit his career.

Does anyone know what happened, or what he says about it?

If not then maybe what are your opinions?

I personally am not disgusted like others say, but the complete identity change did kind of freak me out. He was such a mild-mannered person who wrote very soothing tunes but then he stopped and that was it, he recently returned to cover "Father and Son" with some guy from a boyband who copied it a while ago and he seemed the same as he always was, does anyone know the story of his "crossing over" as I suppose you'd call it?