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im having a small problem... scratch that.. its actually not that small... i have php nuke on my computer and it's not allowing me to setup new user accounts. i enter in the info and it sends the email. i look in the database and the new user is in the temp table waiting for activation. when i open the email and click the link it says that it has been activated.. but you cant log in, and it didnt put the user in the users table. has anyone used phpnuke that can help me figure out whats up with this?

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I have not...but I'm going to take a wild guess that it has something to do with your phpnuke database privliges? I use a program called WAMP5 (emulates a MySQL server) and one of the first problems I had was writing to the database. I could not even connect because I did not have priviliges set. You have to find some config file and change it. OR if you database system is good enough, you should see some sorta link to set up new database accounts.

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