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I'm looking to start up a site dedicated to indie music.... ranging from electronice (trance, techno, house, acid jazz, anything ) to metal. Basically anything goes.

I'm looking to see if anybody would be interested in helping me with graphics, setting up databases, and various other stuff. I know, i know, web design is kindof a one-man-deal, but I could use some help on this undertaking.

Anyway, I'm thinking it'd be free...but if the site grows at all, that could change. So, obviously this isnt a paying job, just something to throw yer skills at.

Also, would anybody at this site even be interested in getting their music out for free? There are numerous ways of doing this, a simple one is to upload to a file sharing program or network... but you can have more detailed stuff on a site.

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i want all my music that i sent you on there!