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Simple ASP.NET problem...possibly! – Brent

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Basically I have a couple of datagrids with one datagrid being populated by the selected item of the other datagrid!

Thats brilliant but at the bottom of the page I've added a meta refresh tag so that the page is refreshed every so often!

The problem is every time the page is refreshed I lose the item that is selected on the datagrid!

Any suggestions please...and more importantly how to implement that suggestion as my head is hurting trying to figure it out. I could use Session variables so that whenever some one selects an item from the datagrid I simply initialise the variable...but there has to be a better way than that...surely?

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Honestly, I'd have suggested a Session variable. That is the most straightforward approach I can think of. Otherwise.. I suppose you could set cookies ;-), or redirect back to the same page but with a query parameter that indicates the currently selected items.

Sorry, I couldn't help....

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