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I was asked to help out with my church's website, but they want some things I dont know how to do. They would like to have an online Calendar of Events so that everyone can see what is coming up.

For the calendar I am picturing a regular calendar look where it shows a quick little note that links to another window that has more detailed info. It would also be kewl if anyone could add to it from the website.

Does anyone know an easy way to do this as I am a complete beginner to server side programming? I had found some free perl scripts, but the one I tried I couldnt figure out how to make work.



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perl would be the easiest way. you need to make sure your webserver has perl installed and that the path information in your script files are correctly formatted for your perl installation. if that isn't the issue chances are it is a matter of file permissions/chmod settings depending on the system you have.
i would strongly advise you to setup a test page at an address only you know of to avoid having a public interface with your perl and your server - better safe than sorry.
once you have the test page working you can modify filenames/locations as necessary.
i'm not a perl expert - i've only dabbled with it. what i've told you is what i've learned the hard way. i'm sure we have some resident perl experts who would be happy to help you.

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There is a far easier way my friend...


There. That will solve all your problems. It's free, it's easy to use, it's slick-looking, it has lot's of neat features, and there are no banner or popup ads. I used it when I designed my youth group's website. To see how I integrated it into my site, go to http://www.gen3day.org/index2.html and click on "Calendar" on the left linkbar.


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i would reccomend looking at PHP and MySQL.


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Thanks for the input everyone!

imsold4christ- I looked at the web site and this looks very kewl! I couldnt have hoped for a more simple and quality solution.

Thanks again,