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Can anyone tell me what would be involved in making a Christian Based Guitar hero to sell at national chains like Lifeway Christian Books stores and others? I could possibly raise funding through many bands across the circuit like P.O.D., T-Bone etc, but dont know where to start.

What kind of hours are involved and can you make them for existing guitar platforms like Playstaion, X-Box and Nintendo or do you have t get their permission?




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The actual software development costs would be relatively low compared to many game genres and other costs. The music licensing costs as well as middleware would actually be the bulk of development costs. Then if you can't get a mainstream publisher then you'll have to find a distributer and a marketing group.

Now the biggest question is whether you intend on developing your own control or supporting existing Red Octane Guitar Hero controllers. But the 2nd option brings in legal issues, since I'm unsure whether you're legally able to "reuse" their controller. You might try working out a deal to bundle the TAC controller


or build your own and manufacture it. zed-wireless-guitar-hero-controller/

Also, starting off with targeting Christian bookstores as a distribution channel is a bad idea. If I remember the stats right only 13% of evangelicals (a good chunk of your likely audience) even shop at Christian bookstores. You'll also find that at a corporate level the Christian bookstore chains are not very interested in video games, nor do they support a basic level of marketing.

Hours involved? Depends on the scope of the project. If you plan on doing a bunch of characters, mocap, varied environments, different actions for different songs, etc. then expect the project length to be longer (or at least require more employees to finish within limited time constraints, say 6-9 months).

In order to release on consoles you have to be licensed by each console manufacturer. There are many requirements for doing so. Usually you have to gain the support of a recognized mainstream publisher. This is why most Christian games are stuck on the PC platform.

Also, if you're a rep for a company and you're dead serious about this you can contact us at XrucifiX: pfrye at

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but to do a market test, you could create a custom song list for GH2 and make it available online. Just do like 5 songs then see what kind of response it gets. To change the songs, it takes like 8 programs and is a 12 step process ( )

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The "Guitar Hero" christian version idea should work.

The Christian version "Dance praise" is successful, so why not guitar hero?

I think they copied "dance revolution" on the playstation2, but hey it works for people.
<edited> Not "copied", but looks similiar. Looks similiar is the right word.

New ideas for games don't sell very well. I think it's probably better to just go with what historically works, when making a new game and copy other existing ideas out there.

Maybe somebody will make a christian version of "Command and Conquer" or "Warcraft 2" someday. lol It's an old worn out idea, but it would work too.

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Don't forget about Heavenly Harmony which I understand *just* started shipping. This is a Christian-based clone of Karaoke Revolution.