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Full Armor of GOD project needs help!!!! – tweakman


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Team name:
Butler Gaming Group

Project name:
Full Armor of GOD

Brief description:
A FPS/RPG type 3D game where the player has to collect each piece of the Full Armor of GOD to ultimately defeat the evil Satan. The usual puzzles, obstacles, enemies must be overcome along the way.
The status of the project is currently in the design and planning pre-production phase.
Estimated time of completion is currently 2 to 3 years.

Target aim:
When title is finished plans are to offer the first levels (number of which is not known at this time) as shareware and the rest on receiving registration fee (also not known at this time)

Initially there is no compensation for work on this project, however, if game does make over a certain amount through registraiton fees (not known at this time) anyone contributing intelectual property will be compensated.

The programming language being used for this project is XNA Game Studio Express utilizing Visual C# Express 2005.

Artists can use Maya, 3D Studio Max, MilkShape, or Blender.

Platforms being targeted are Windows and Xbox 360.

Talent needed:
Still need help in the following areas:
(I will accept beginners, but you have to show me some good work up front!!!)

2 Artists - 1 2D for textures and 1 3D modeler
2 Programmers - Must have knowledge and/or experience with C# and XNA Game Studio Express programming.
2 Level Designers - must have at least one working level in any game type or more experience.

Team structure:
The current team consists of:

James Butler (me) aka CoveringFire, tweakman - Game Designer/Team Lead
Professional programmer for over 10 years with experience in various programming languages on several platforms including Windows, Linux, Unix, and IBM mainframes.
I have been pursuing game programming for the last 4 years and have a couple of games to my credit. One was with a team of hobbyist developers that I went to college with. We created a childrens card game for an independent software company called MosoftUSA. The game is called Ten, Twenty, Thirty The counting game. Using the same Java classes used to make that game I created a game called Java Black Jack and created two versions one for Linux, and one for Windows both programmed using Java.

Bobby Butler - C# and XNA Game Programmer
Professional web developer and C# programmer. Bobby has developed websites through the name Ownaweb for the last 7 years and has numerous successful clients using his designs. He also has learned the C# programming language and is currently learning XNA Game programming.

Gustavo Fernandez - Sound and Music
A music grad student from Argentina this is Gustavo's first project.

To submit your interest in helping with this project you have to signup for a free account at our website. This is the only way I can control only getting serious people in the project. Once you are registered, go to the forum "Full Armor of God signup" and post your request with links showing your work if an Artist, or to a previous game if a programmer. Soon thereafter, you will be notified if accepted and given access to the project discussion forum.

I can be contacted through the website

Previous Work by Team:
This is the first project for this team.

Additional Info:
This game project is based on the Full Armor of God as described in the Holy Bible Ephesians 6 10-16. Don't have any screen shots yet since the project is still in the design and planning pre-production phase.



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Hey Tweakman, welcome to CCN!

Sounds like you have the starts of a nice team for a fun project!

How far along are you in the design process?



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Good luck to you and your team! Sounds interesting.


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Instead of starting yet another separate team/company why don't you join a currently existing team with a vision similar to your own? There is strength in number and the groups already established may have funding or at least have more business connections, etc. I know for a fact many teams are always looking for talent.

Old interview where I discuss that aspect in detail during one question:

Also, check out where Christian game developers hang out.

BTW, please don't think I'm on some sort of recruiting drive for XrucifiX (Two Guys Software Inc. is the parent company). Only join the team that meshes with your vision. If you don't there's likely to be conflicts.

I've seen so many teams form and disband within a year, often with just the few remaining people who were truly committed trying to keep it going. Then they give it up and besides being a learning experience it was a waste of time and effort and sometimes even money. That being the case, only join a team that has previously released titles or at least appear to be close to finishing one. That way you know they're committed and they most likely won't disappear on you.

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