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Hello people,

I haven't been here since ages :/.

I once posted a topic about the same project, then shortly after this topic it died, now it is alive again.

Team name:

Project name:

Project: Secret Dimensions

Brief description:
Project: Secret Dimensions aims to be an MMOFPS(Massivly Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter), that is based in the future(sci-fi). Currently we aim to integrate 3 factions(Humans, Robots, Aliens). Generally the game will take place on a planet, to be more specific, on 8 continents.

If you would like to get a main idea from our game concept, then I suggest taking a look at PlanetSide from SOE. We aim to create such a pc game but within the style, that was used back in the days, when the movie Tron was created(same style used in the PC Game Tron 2.0).

Target aim:
This will be a non-commercial product. It will be f2p(free to play). We thought about setting up an online store, where you can buy certificates for special rankings with paying real money, but this is just an idea.

We are offering a percentage of potential revenue.

We have our own 3D engine done, that is able to display MMO Enviroment.

Talent needed:
We need:

Delphi/C++ Coders
Game Design
Art Director
Artist, Animator
Sound Designer
Music/FX Designer
Charakter Design / Concept Art
Artist, economics

Team structure:
Main Leader/Public Relations/Level Design/Music Artist

Delphi/C++ Coder


Contact me on these ways:

ICQ: 178596224

Additional Info:
Additional Info is, that we are a newcomer team. We have our idea, plans etc, but we are newcomer to the whole gaming biz.

Give me any feedback via e-mail, msn or icq. These are the only ways to contact me.


Maxunit, Secret-Dimension-Software Main Leader

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I don't mean to discourage you, but how many games have you made?
if you can count them on one hand, I highly suggest that you put the project on hold and work on smaller projects. Creating a game is a very daunting task.

out of personal experience, and the guys here can testify, that I've started working on games too big and never finished. Just recently, I put a browser-based mmorpg on hold so I can grab experience and come back.

I've been here for over 5 years and have seen countless game ideas come up asking for help. I can't recall one that actually came to fruition, sadly. you have ideas and plans, that's good. Is there portfolio we can see? Successful projects under your belt can catch attention and set you apart from everyone else.

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