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Hey Everyone!

First I would like to say that i need a help with using and coding on TORQUE (either the TGEA, TGE or TGB or TorqueX versions) for a decently clean game.


I am writing to you because my Christian Friendly, multi user, text game, ChristianMUD, is in need of programmer(s) that are experienced in coding in C# (C Sharp).

I also am changing the email for contacting me about this. Contact me at or Instant message me at Riflefire on or AIM.

Since i am currently unable to work, i have the time to work on both a graphics 2d or 3d game and this text game. I am mainly an idea person so the coding is what i really need the help with. So if your interested in working with me on a game, reply here or email me.

Thanks for your time,

Edit: After some thought, i removed the game idea specifics. If you wish to know them, just ask about them either thru email or Private Messages.

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